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Guitar playing, Anyone?


New Member
Anyone here shares the interest in classical guitar playing? Maybe we can share tips, recommending music sheets/CDs, guitarists, luthiers here.

For me, i enjoy playing works of Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi, Astor Piazzolla, Barrios(!) ....
listening-wise, i like Dyens and sometimes the crazy Yamashita Kazuhito.

After a whole year of cubicle farming, i am so ashame of not learning any new pieces, nor practice. :p gonna start my revision before the new year!!!
Got hold of a Yamaha guitar donkey years ago but never got hold of playing it...
blaming that the fingering is painful and difficult. However did play the sax and the
concert flute during my youthhood with a military band. No more playing now as I
enjoy more with my imaginations and trying to capture them with film or the digital camera.


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I played guitar some good 10 years ago, but only at amateur level and without knowledge of every single note ;) I want to start playing again, but I'm now looking for an ideal guitar for me. I'm deciding between the classic or western guitar. I will probably end up with classic one.