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Hello everyone, I just became a proud owner of a (used but in excellent condition) GX-100 this morning. I also use a Canon 10D and IXUS 850IS; the former is very a wonderful camera but has been a bit too bulky, while the latter was a bit boring(if you know what I mean). Hopefully GX-100 will provide the ideal middle-ground! I love wide-angle photography, so a pocket camera with 24mm angle is very attractive to me.

I wish I could post some pictures taken with GX-100 soon, but frankly everyone here has done such a wonderful job and I will probably embarrass myself in the end :)
Welcome, from one newbie to another.

I just received my GX100 from HK via eBay. Took only 3 days. Great service.

I have started a GX100 set on my Flickr account, so far I have put 2 pics there.


My impressions so far are that this is a great little camera, which is let down by the noisy sensor. To make good use of it, I will have to shoot 80 or 100 ASA unless I really wish to accept the "grainy" rendition. B & W is more acceptable when grainy, IMHO.

The lens is excellent, and it does make for a great carry around camera. I wrap mine in a re-sealable small sandwich bag, which then get placed in a belt mountable pouch. This way the dust issue should be minimized, and also reduce scuffing the black surface when sliding the camera in and out of the pouch. Of course if I use it frequently, I don't bother with the plastic bag, but if the camera is carried for days, then I think the bag makes good sense.