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GRDI or GX100?


New Member
hi, i am new to the forums and would like to ask you guys whether i should get the grd1 or the gx100. the situation for me is that i might be able to get a grd1 here in australia now for AUD398 (~USD346.029) or i could wait for my sister to go back to hk (return late feb) and get me a gx100 for HKD3500 (~AUD515.195/USD448.031). this is going to be my first digital camera and i would just like to learn more about photography through some of the manual settings available. i don't mind the fixed lens or the zoom lens. is there anything else in particular about either of the cameras that might prove one to be better suited (or more worth it?) than the other for my situation?

thanks in advance. =D
From my point of view the slow RAW writing time of the GRDI are a real disadvantage (I don't have a GRD, just a GX100). And if you want to get into digital photography you really should use raw now and then. (I personally shoot raw+full-res jpeg, compress the files lossless with adobe DNG converter and if a pic really is crap, I throw away the raw-file and keep just the full-res jpeg).

In general I'd advice to go with fixed focal lengths, but I really like the step-zoom of the ricoh cameras. It's like having several primes on a slr. IMO "classic zooming" is a real obstacle if one tryes to get into picture composition. The time spent zooming is better used on composing, and after a short time you'll guess the focal length you want in advance.

Some people say that the GRD is sharper than the GX-100 (before sharpening the image).
Since you can get the GRD I cheaper you should go for it. If you really want to get into digital photography and learn to use the settings the GRD is great as it's smaller than the GX100 so there is no excuse not to have it with you at all times. The fixed lens will force you to think more about the composition before you even turn the camera on. And contrary to most people I think the long RAW write time will work to your advantage as it forces you to think and anticipate a moment before pressing the shutter. Believe me, you'll learn more about the settings you should've used and the right moment you should've pressed the shutter if you've missed a shot ;). But I agree about the importance to use RAW as it allows for more room in post processing.
The step zoom on the GX100 is very nice though and the lens starts at 24mm so this is also an advantage.

I guess the decision is more between the zoom and bigger camera or the fixed lens and smaller camera. Or as Ricoh put it, the razor and the swiss army knife :D.
VladimirV":3swkbzgy said:
Believe me, you'll learn more...
That is true indeed! But also the ~5sec of the Gx100 teach a bit ;-) It's almost as is was with manual film advance.
thanks heaps for the help everyone! =D

i am more leaning towards the GRDI at the moment since it's cheaper and i can get it sooner than the gx100 (if i can still get it at all now at that price, still asking around =[). independently, both cameras seem to be great and have their own pros and cons, but basically, i am sure both will definitely be more than good enough for a beginner like me who don't even know what exactly i want out of a camera yet. so now i am just going to let their price and availability decide for me which one to get. =D