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GRD2 Focus system issue?


New Member
Hi, I just recently bought a GRD2 and encountered a strange issue while using it. I wanted to get an opinion from the more experienced users here to see if it's a common problem or not.

The issue is that sometimes when I turn on the camera, the focus system would not respond after pressing the shutter release; the LCD would remain fuzzy and the camera would not focus. Currently my remedy is to set the camera to macro mode and return it to auto focus or what not, then it would properly focus again.

Problem is this doesn't happen everytime I turn on the camera, I would say it's 50/50. I am wondering if this is a recurring issue with every owner.

Please give me your opinion.

Hi notcho and welcome here! At first, check the FW version in your GRDII. If your version is lower than the actual 1.12, update the FW.

Here is the procedure how to check your actual firmware:

Turn the camera OFF
Switch the mode dial to "Scene" mode
While pressing "Macro" button hold down also the "Playback" and hold both buttons for about 2-3 secs. After this time, the camera will turn ON into camera FW menu.
Check the number in "Main" section. Does it state 1.12? If no update your camera.
See this post:

There is a fix regarding the camera focus in this new firmware. Hope this helps?
Thank you for your feedback, I just checked the cam, it's at firmware version 1.12.

Bummer.. maybe this is a real problem?...
Too bad. I think I somewhere read about a very similar problem and in the end, it was a HW fault. I'm afraid, you will have to send your camera back to Ricoh or ask your seller for a replacement.
I had the EXACT same focus problems with my new GRD2 which I received earlier this month. First several test shots were fine, then the next day, everytime I turned it on, it failed to focus... even when the focus indicator was green, it was VERY blurry. The next day after that, it worked ok for a little while, but then the lens would not retract when powered down... nor would the LCD screen come up when powering up. I was able to exchange my camera, and am now charging the battery on my replacement to test it out.
Hrm, I guess I am not the only one then.. I don't know if I should be glad or sadden to hear that.. haha......... :cry:

Thanks for sharing your experience!
I have the same focus issue in my GRD2 that I bought in March. I guess, some of GRD2 that made in this year (maybe only on March batch) have this hardware failure.

in my case, I opened the box, and setup language and time. Then I was ready for my firstshoot. Unfortunately, I can't focus at all, it kept showing me the blur image and RED focus frame. Then I press the close-up focus and switch back to normal focus again, the focus system works.

After suffering 4 days of this new baby, I decided giving the Ricoh agent a call, and asked for the replacement. I got the new camera two days ago, and so far so good. I wish it won't happen again in the future. :)
I have finally decided to take the camera in for repair... The Ricoh Japan support has been quite helpful and accomodating (since I speak little Japanese).. I took it to the Ginza service center and it takes approximately 1 week to fix.. I just hope the camera returns to me w/o anymore issues. Fingers crossed.
just an update to my focusing situation... I guess since I didn't update much earlier, you could assume that my replacement camera works just fine and that is indeed the case :D Hopefully it was just a few bad apples in the batch that month and it isn't a bigger problem!