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GRD II raw and jpg black and white


New Member
Hello everyone,

Since I am new on this forum, let me first introduce myself. I am currently based in Switzerland and, from a photographic point of view, my main interest goes to street photography and urban imagery in general. I have been using different cameras so far until I recently got the GRD II. To say I am happy about it would not be enough. I guess its main advantages - such as its size and discretion, film-like images - have been already discussed in the forum. It is difficult for me to find negative points. Sometimes the camera is a bit slow, sometimes the noise is really too much. Anyway, I am still testing it so, I am pleased to share some of the results I am getting:

Thanks for your attention and until the next post....!
Re: GRD II test

Nice work, alem!! I think my favourite so far is the zebra-road crossing stripes :)
Re: GRD II test

thanks a lot...
I am updating on a regular basis... please, check the gallery from time to time...