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GRD - Any demand for 'Armor' ?


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The GRD is already a sturdy little camera; but, for me, I'm still afraid to take it inline skating or any other potentially damaging activities. But, of-course, not having it with me all the time sort of defeats the purpose of owning it. I've seen slicone wraps for other cameras; but, there are none for the GRD. So, I've decided to invest a bit of time in trying to make my own. I plan on making it out of stainless steel with a 'gel rubber' interior, or possibly carbon fiber or even a slicone wrap as mentioned above. I want to make it so that it can stay on the camera all the time. BTW - I used to do custom sheet metal work for an HVAC firm, and thus the initial interest in making the case out of SS.

My questions (to see if I want to justify the time in development over just making myself something simple):
1) Is there any demand for this sort of GRD 'armor' type case?
2) What other features would you want (waterproofing isn't an option - too much liability)?
3) How much would you be willing to pay, considering it would be fairly custom made and time consuming to produce each one?

Thanks for the input!

Mark T.
Proud GRD Owner
The GRD shell is made of magnesium alloy which is also used in the most expensive, professional DSLR models. I dropped my GRD several times and everytime, the impact was as hard that the battery door opened and the battery came out. I also had it for skiing and during some crashes it was several times between me and the ground. I don't even use a display protection, wipe the display always with my t-shirt and there are no scratches on it. While transporting the camera in a backpack etc. I never used a camera case and despite of all this facts, the camera looks like new.

I think, there is no general need for a stainless steel shell.
Maybe just for extreme situations like attaching the GRD to a kite and let it fly for aerial photography.

The following leather case, in my opinion, offers more protection, than you will ever needed:

Yes, the magnesium alloy shell is nice, but watch what you can get if you are not very careful..

The picture is taken from an ebay I watched. Sold for EUR 315.89.

But I agree that this leather skin is good enough in most cases. I would really like to own this red leather case and red pimped GRD. I like it much more than the blue anniversary model ;)


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Thanks for the link; the Artisans and Artists case looks nice, and would give that extra protection if dropped. And, it looks really good.

Mark T.
If you want a really luxurious leather case, I would suggest to visit this ebay store..

Unfortunately, there is no case for GRD/GX100. But some time ago I emailed with Luigi and it seems he would be able to make case virtually for any camera. He just need to borrow the camera. And yes, it's not cheap. But on the other hand, his cases and straps looks absolutely fabulous..



He made also much cheaper custom belt cases..
BeltBrownwM2opensdrWarn.jpg ... dZViewItem

And some of his straps..
Straps7coloursBellDiagOK.jpg ... dZViewItem
To put some closure on this thread -

I gave up on the 'armor' style case for the GRD. IMHO - the only weak parts of the camera are the LCD, Flash, and possibly the lens when extended. The LCD can be protected with readily available covers. And without investing much more time that I am willing, protecting the rest would take away the portability of this beatiful little cam.

So, I guess it's just back to shooting, and using due-care as always!


Mark T. ;)