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GH-1 and filters


New Member
Have some questions and and want to double check some stuff before I place an order. The GH-1 "Lens Hood and Filter Adapter" is said to be for 37 mm filters, correct? Robert White ( calls it "screw in", Ricoh calls it "JIS" and and Schneider, the makers of the B+W filters, calls the srew in type "F-Pro". Is this all the same?

Since I'm putting a filter on for extra protection, nothing else, I also wonder if it's true that you can leave an UV filter on at all times?

The plan is to put the GH-1 and a filter on (and leave it there) to "seal off" the lens from dust and such. Also I'm going to buy the GV-2 viewfinder and guess it will be nice to be able to grip the camera comfortably with two hands when using the viewfinder. Maybe a bad plan or what do you think?
On the GH-1 you can put a 37mm filter (37mm gänga). I wouldn't keep the filter on all the time though, since the lens sharpness may suffer some from it. Keeping the dust away? Maybe. In my opinion it's not tight enough.

But to put an opaque IR-filter on is great fun. Try it:)