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Fuji E550 magically fast raw write times


New Member
Before I got the Gx100 I used a Fuji E550. I think this is one of the best compacts ever produced (after teh GR/GX of course ;-), but unfortunately mine was stolen a month ago (which is why I got the Gx100 *btw*)
I think anybody knows the 6mp SuperCCD so no need to talk about this.

But what is really interesting about this camera is the time to write a raw file.
It takes about 5 seconds, the files are 12,6 mb large.
The write speed of the infamous xD card is only ~3mb/s (, so most of the time is used to actually write the image.

The GX100 takes about the same time but only with a blazing fast SD-card. And the GRDI takes twice the time for a smaller file (ok I checked that, not a lot smaller).
Plus, I think the e550 is about a year older than the GRD (just my feeling, maybe I'm wrong)

So, what did Fuji do to be so fast?