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flash sync speed


New Member
In A mode, when I use the pop-up flash, the the shutter speed on my camera seems to default to 1/32, which is a bit peculiar. At this speed there is still going to potentially be some blur in the main subject, as well as the background. Normally I would expect a default flash shutter sync of 1/125. Also, in M mode, the pop-up flash does not change the shutter speed - that is, the shutter speed stays on the non-flash metered speed, and will not change significantly with the toggle, so I it is only useful for really "arty" shots where the subject is partly, but not completely, frozen by the flash and the rest of the scene is really blurred. I think that in any mode, I would expect the default flash sync speed to be 1/125, and would want to be able to "drag" the shutter if I wanted to - so therefore need a little more control over the shutter speed. I would generally be happy dragging at about 1/30, personally, which is 2 stops less than 1/125, so ought to be doable if there is some kind of built-in 2-stop constraint in the camera... I don't know if all of this changes with the use of the recommended Sigma flash, but it is a pop-up flash issue. I would be more comfortable springing for the Sigma flash is I knew for sure that I could sync at somewhere between 1/125 and 1/30, at least! Is the slow flash sync a firmware bug? I am using firmware v 2.03.