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First time out with GX100


New Member
Hi ...

Bought a GX100 a week ago and we went away for a weekend break. Some great skies on Sunday evening. The wife had her medium format gear, tripod, spot meter etc .... I'd left dslrs at home and just took the GX100 :) Shot raw with a quick first pass of pp.

Edit: I've did a bit of pp to make the forum versions look more like the originals on monitor & printer here.

Regards, Roman


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Hmmm ...
I'm on a mac so the browser is colour managed but the shots seem to lack "sparkle" compared to originals. I used imagewell to downsize then converted from adobe to srgb with preview. Perhaps I need to use PS (?). Any tips appreciated ... i'm fairly new to the digital world.
Unfortunately, I don't have any idea about what to do with them on MAC. But I think they are ideal candidates for BW and reduced-color photos! I hope you will don't mind, I played a little with the last one ;) ..

Both results are heavily affected by the JPG artifacts, because of small and already compressed source image. But I hope you will find them inspiring? Processed with Mediachance Photobrush and its built-in effect filters (DCEnhance, Contrast saturation, BW Mixer and USM).


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Hi Pavel

Yes ... b+w is interesting and I'll be doing some more pp when I have the time (at work at the moment).
Re my earlier post ... it looks like the downsizing softens and reduces vibrance/saturation/contrast a bit so need to do a bit of pp before posting.