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first portrait with gx-100


New Member
Hi, just bought a gx-100 as second camera. This is a first portrait!


  • ricohtest-0010089.jpg
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First attempt? You did a very good job here!

Perhaps try a b&w conversion, I love b&w portraits ...
Thanks for your comment. Here is an attempt in b&w using Lightroom, the original is in DNG. It is true that it was the first portrait with the gx100, I got the camera 5 days ago. I have planned to use it when travelling and when I don't want to carry a DSLR and lenses. It is a great, little, camera, that is a joy to handle!


  • ricohtest-0010089-3.jpg
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Thanks for posting this comparison, with the info, it is very interesting - and lovely photo. However, by the look in the subjects eye, she definately, at some stage or other, stuck her tongue out at you - can you please post that poto as well :)
You are a good reader of character! I have lived together with the woman on the picture for a couple of years now and we sometimes have intensive discussions. Now since I bought the Ricoh I will have a camera with me more often so maybe I will be able to take the portrait you suggested! Thanks for your comments! Stickan