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firemen and canines


one of the fun aspects of using a small but very capable point-and-shoot camera like the ricoh gx100 is that i can carry it with me almost everywhere with me most of the time. it's small and it's light, and when i point it in the general direction of a subject, the subject doesn't feel intimidated, or violated. besides, i look like an average tourist with this camera. it's a good thing because security guards tend to be less zealous with tourists carrying common looking tourist cameras. i think people are more forgiving if i look like a tourist. as a result i'm able to idle in a spot on the street almost unnoticed for many minutes while anticipating the right moment to capture the right shot.

more sample shots here ... 927170690/


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Hey 'monk.....i love the 3rd pic....well done and well spotted, we spend so much time watching our pets now the dog is watching the painter working!
I wonder if the painter noticed that he had been watched!
The dog is indeed curious as to what the painter is trying to do.
Hack, the dog won't know that the man is a painter either and that
he reached that height with a extra long ladder.
The first shot is excellent reportage shot from streets. The second one is a perfect variation of "old woman behind the window spying the neighbourhood". BTW, I suppose the sticker on the second window is some kind of "protection" or "security" note? With this sticker and dog behind the window, it's also a picture with story ;) And the third one is definitely fun. Pity it's slightly "burned". I would probably suggest to crop out the entrance part?
thanks everyone :)

the first shot was taken with the camera placed on the sidewalk, so i wasn't able to see how the camera was "seeing". i had to anticipate what would probably be within the frame at the widest angle.

odklizec":aa211 said:
Pity it's slightly "burned". I would probably suggest to crop out the entrance part?

yes it is. i'm still "toying" with the third image. i think i want to address the burn first before resorting to cropping this one because i'm afraid that cropping would make it tight looking.

by the way, in the third shot, the painter was aware of the dog barking at him. he took care of this distraction by plugging himself to his mp3 player. if you can look even closer, you'll notice something in his back pocket with a line leading up to his head. that's his anti-dog distraction device. it's moments like this that i wish i also had a video camera with me. it was quite an amusing sight to watch this dog jockeying from one window to another, and between the two floors trying to find the best spot for barking at the painter.