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excellent site about GRD's analog brothers - GR1, GR1s and G

Re: excellent site about GRD analog brothers - GR1, GR1s and GR1

odklizec":ad0bf said:
Yes, it's great site. After reading the whole article I would like to own one of these Ricoh analog babies ;)

I bought recently a silver GR1v on ebay in very good condition and love the finish and feel of it. It is lighter than the GRD but feels even more solid and the viewfinder is really nice (this is how integrated OVFs should be on, otherwise don't even bother).

I will try to get some comparisson shots and print them when I can. Will also post them here.
That would be great Vladimir! Thank you in advance!

When I read the GR1 manual and found the information about status information in integrated viewfinder, I immediately knew this is something really missing in the GRD implementation. Sure, an integrated optical viewfinder of reasonable size, would make the camera larger. So if we don;t want to make it larger, as we certainly don't, the external VF is the only way. But what would be really unbeatable solution is a combination of optical viewfinder with led status display, like seen in each today DSLR. Current GRD external VF is nice. External EVF in case of GX100 is also nice. But neither of them is as nice as would be the combination of both ;)
odklizec":17fopq36 said:
Everyone who is really interested in GRD should not miss this page,,

Very informative page about GRD analog predecessors GR1, GR1s and GR1v. Now I understand (OK, not fully) why is the GRD/GX100 AE bracketing limited to's just a historical reason ;)
This site is gone .... should of copied the info ... really was a great resource ... anyone save the info from this page ?
If so .... :) maybe you could post it here ....