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Driving in Dallas, passing tragedy


New Member
Note the leaning lightpole/stoplight
The base is burned.
Evidently from severe collision.
Just up the street from this is a little white cross with flowers and balloons.
It keeps getting put up as fast as the road crews remove it
The Name on it is Rene.
Uh that must have been a terrible hit! The light pole is visibly skewed. There are too many crosses along the highways and streets also here in Slovakia. I recently thought of a photographic project, capturing all crosses I will pass along the roads. But it would be a LOT of crosses!

BTW, I like this picture in picture shot! The small mirrored picture does not disturb the main image and it's a good second-part theme of the shot. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks you Pavel!
The cross is not in good place for me to capture an image, not at least without getting run over.
This intersection, Harry Hines and Webb Chapel, has ramps leading directly to I35 freewayy on the left.
And there are always wrecks here.
There have been many crosses.
The Road/Landscaping crews remove them.
But they appear again in morning like night blooming flowers.