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Dialogue opens up the mind


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Well in the old days this is the location (where the Fullerton Hotel is now standing) bringing in people
wanting to learn about barter trading. People from different countries flocked to this little island
trying to discover its potential. In the midst of discovery comes conflict and sure it was that for a better
relationship in the future we are advised to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

However the wise hinted that conflicts can actually be healthy if taken in the proper context, as
workable solutions through frequent friendly dialogue and mutual concern can lead to business dealings
and progress and harmony in many ways. This is how this little island becomes a busy business hub and so
can a photographic community.


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east meets west!....let us all have understanding of one-another and live in harmony!.....a nice shot Forward....but did you try a little fill in flash? maybe -1 or 1.5 EV,I think it would add a little more sparkle to the statues......M