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dew drops


New Member
one of these days I want to try macro focus stacking I've read about, but for now this will have to do


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Nice drops with fish-eye lens effect! I suspect you can see entire background in them, which is now blurred by close up shot? Did you try to make a little more detailed crop, which would make the view in drops clearly visible?
I found on other shots that to get the through-the-drop stuff in focus, it put everything else out of focus. I'll get around to trying the focus stacking one of these days and see how that works.
Nono I don't mean making the currently blurred background sharp. I mean something like that..

Just crop the picture a bit more to make the drops larger and so the view in drops should be more visible.
every sample like that uses focus stacking like this one from flickr made from 5 shots
without stacking you get this

the other 4 shots I took of this drop (with 1mm distance difference each) need to be focus stacked to get your example(unless using a camera/lens combo with a lot of dof)


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