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December 07 - theme "LOW LIGHT"

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New month new contest!

After somewhat easy "no theme" month, something a bit harder - "LOW LIGHT". Small sensor cameras are not so great in low light, but in proper hands and with careful processing one can get very good results. So let's show us your best "Low Light" photos! Good luck everyone! ;)

You may post one photo right in reply to this post. Please, do not link them from other sites! Use the "Upload Attachment" instead.
Contest photo must be taken with Ricoh digital camera (whichever you use)!
The max size of the photo is limited to 1024x768 and the file must contain EXIF!
The deadline for posting contest photos is 31.12.2007 at 12PM forum time

Here you can learn how to upload the photos right in forum post...

The first place (chosen by forumers via poll early next month) will be awarded by software license according of winner's choice. For this month we can provide these programs (kindly provided by Mediachance) - Dynamic Photo HDR, PhotoBrush, DCE AutoEnhance, Pure Image NR. And newly also PictureCode's NoiseNinja!
Small sensor cameras are not so great in low light
BAH! That's what a flash is for. :D


  • 200712ricohforum.jpg
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Street vendor at night. GX100, around 9pm, snap mode, iso 800, raw processed in Capture One 4 Beta.


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    N0709A_073 3.jpg
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GRD on 15sec exposure.... no post-denoising. Had difficulty downsampling the image size without removing the stars... :shock:

(edit: redone with +0.6 exp, realised on some screen its totally black)


  • 2085374478_1stop.jpg
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A Velvet Gecko on the granite outcrop it lives on in northern Australia.

Taken in very late afternoon, after sunset. GX100, ISO 400, 1 second, f/5.1. No flash. Shot as highest quality jpeg, postprocessed in Lightroom and Photoshop CS2.

Shows the advantages of the GX100 nicely; it would not have been possible to take this picture with a DSLR, even one with live preview--it would not be possible to get the lens so close to the ground, or to get so much depth of field.

I have printed this at 12 X 18 inches and it looks great.


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    Velvet gecko oedura monilis mount zero R0011502.jpg
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This sprang up in the alleyway outside my window over Xmas. It's done with plastic cups jammed into the holes in a wire fence. The perpetrator must have counted the holes in the fence, gone away to come up with the design, and returned overnight to implement it.

Taken with a new GR-D II, which I'm loving!

Larger versions are on Flickr at


  • 2007-12-26 at 01-16-08.jpg
    2007-12-26 at 01-16-08.jpg
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Sorry for a stupid question... but does the photo need to be taken within the contest month? I recall this was a rule at the time of the first contest but am not sure if it still is.

For what it's worth, I would favor having such a rule for the following reasons.

1) It encourages everyone to go out and make new pictures rather than just selecting from past "greatest hits".
2) It encourages us to respond to the theme and go out shooting with the theme a priori in mind, rather than sifting through already taken images to look for one that fits the theme.
3) It can be a kind of equalizer for relative newcomers who don't have lots of old images to draw from.

Just my two cents...

Hi ikasumi,

No, the rule about taking the photo within the contest month is no longer valid. I personally liked the idea of this rule, but many people found it too restrictive and most of the contest photos were uploaded just hours before the end of month. So I decided to drop that rule. At least for now and near future. Maybe it will return back later or in other contests (not monthly and theme based)?
OK, here is a photo I took last month. Christmas shoppers at night in Ginza, Tokyo, with the stunning new Armani building as backdrop. GR-D, B&W mode, JPG.
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