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Castle in brown (HDR)

I took this shot during summer with E400 and fixed 135/2.8 lens. Processed last week with DPHDR to give it a bit "old" look. I like the result. What do you think?


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hi pavel!......i like the picture and the effect! only critism is the composition....if the castle where to be a little to the left and down a bit i think it would add to the picture....i love the hdr though!...
Hi Mark, thank you for comment and welcome back! We all missed you (and your culinary photos in the middle of night! :D)

You are right, about the composition! Maybe I should try crop it a bit? I have two more bracketing series of this castle, but this one looks best after processing. Next time I should be more careful about composition.
laughs about the food in the night....its midnight and im hungry!

somtimes the composition is not as important as the image, if this is the best then so be it, maybe a little crop but as we say in the uk...if it isnt broken....dont fix it!....take care...i'm off to make some toast!
The color tone and the subject matches well!, i like the quiet mood in this picture.
i can sit and stare at this scene for a long while.

if there is mist, will be more mysterious. perhaps you can try blowing hot air to your lens next time ;)