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Bracket to fit GX100 on the bicycle handle bar


New Member
Anyone has any idea on how to make a bracket to fit the GX100 on the handle bar of a bicycle?
With the camera on the handle bar one can shoot candids anywhere while riding on the bike
as well as enjoying the country or city landscape.
Hey forward i was thinking about this today!....ok i think you (we) need to fit the camera to a tripod head and fit this to the bracket that holds a has to be tight and secure because you dont want to drop £400 of camera on the road, or else we could attach it to a helmet and use a cable release....Hmmmmmm....what do you think? months contest?......fotos from a bike?...pavel?
Ok...i made 1!!!!!
I used a old monopod that i bought about 6 years ago...and never used!, a hacksaw, some electrical tape,a file, a light from my bike which was broken and some Super Glue.

I removed the battery cover from the light and hacksawed off the front and the back from the light so only the battery compertment with the bracket for the handle bar remains, next i cut the battery cover the same size, then i filed down all of the edges so they where smooth. i was left with only a hollow tube(the battrey cover and the remainder of the light) which would fit onto the handle bar fitting.

Next i rolled back the foam handle at the top of the monopod and cut off the leg from the monopod so i only had the half of the "handle" left....i filed down the sharp edges and rolled the foam back and tucked it into the hole at the end.

I made sure the monopod would fit tight and snug into the shell of the light (the foam handle helped to keep it secure) i needed to file away some of the interior of the battery housing.

Next i glued the battery cover in place with the monopod inside. When the glue was dry I tapped up the cover very tightly at both ends, then i wrapped up the rest of the housing, after that i wrapped up the rest of the assembly so it is tight and very secure.....

it was really simple to make and took about 1 hour once i had everything at job....get out and use it


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I'm not sure if you are all sorted now, but I thought I would post this for anyone else interested.

Feisol make a handle bar mount that sits the camera just in front of the bars. I have posted a photo below and the web site for you to check it out. There are two different handle bar sizes for the mount, 25.4 and 31.8. Hope that helps.


By the way are you using this for time lapse, that was my intention. Should come up with some great videos and or photos.
I'd be interested to see a timelapse from this setup, it would yield some interesting "footage" of trips around that you make. :)