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Book: Stephen King - Cell

Few days ago I started to read this relative new S.King book and I really like it! The truth is I like most of "old" King's book and they have their own shelf in my library (shared only with Brian Lumley's great Necroscope series). I would say that after few years of silence and not-so-interesting King's books, Cell is a real return to his horror basics. It's about end of the world started by cell phones.

The story starts one nice sunny autumn day somewhere in Boston. Kids playing their games, ice cream seller selling his icy goods everyone in the park, people walking with dogs, girls laughing at something overheard from shared cell phone call...a perfectly normal day. The main character is sitting in the park and enjoying the beautiful day. Suddenly, everything become crazy. Man walking with dog tear the dog's ear with his own teeth. The innocent teenage girls who seconds before laughing at something in the cell, now attacking each other and everyone in a near surrounding..first car crashes..people jumping from windows..first explosions..more people attacking each other with their hands, teeth, finger nails or even car aerials..the world gone mad without any warning. And this is just start..

If you like S. King old-school horror novels, I can recommend this book to you! The "KING" of the horror is back!

PS: Apart the printed book, I have it also as an ebook. And guess on what device I'm reading it when traveling to/from work? Everyone who guessed cell phone is right! :D We are really asking for such kind of Armageddon ;)