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Bad pixels in R7. How to eliminate it?


New Member
Hello, all !

Not so long ago the white points began to appear in my images. I have understood already, that it is bad pixels on CCD-matrix. Somebody knows, how it is possible to eliminate it? Can be there are any tools/solutions? For example, as it does Pentax. There simply find coordinates of these points and compulsorily exclude them from processing (preliminarily averaging by nearest). The one minus - it is necessary to refill "modified" firmware.

Hi Frontier and welcome here! There is unfortunately no user doable pixel mapping in R7. So the only way how to eliminate these bad pixels directly in camera is to send the camera to repair. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution. These dead pixels tends to appear every few months.

Pity there is no user doable pixel mapping as we know it from Olympus cameras (including the low-end models). This could save a lot of time, money and nerves both to Ricoh and its customers!
Hence it is necessary to hint "kindly" to engineers that they have made the same opportunity in existing models. Certainly, if we'll be silent, anybody will do nothing. Let's fill up technical support by requests to make such opportunity! I hope, it is necessary not only for me ;)

P.S. The Good camera in fact! But support is rather weak :(