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April 08 - Humor & Fun

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Thanks all who participated in the MARCH contest! As alway, there were many great contributions! Let's start with APRIL contest!

April is known for its Fool's day. So I've decided that the theme for this month will be Humor & Fun. You can post any fun shots you made with your Ricohs. This could be even harder theme than last month's MUSIC. But I'm sure you will find some "fun" shots in your albums ;) Good luck everyone!

You may post one photo right in reply to this post. Please, do not link them from other sites! Use the "Upload Attachment" instead.
Contest photo must be taken with Ricoh digital camera (whichever you use)!
The max size of the photo is limited to 1024x768 and the file must contain EXIF! Please guys, make sure your photo contains EXIF! Entries without EXIF will be disqualified!

The deadline for posting contest photos is 30.4.2008 at 12PM forum time

Here you can learn how to upload the photos right in forum post...

The first place (chosen by forumers via contest poll early next month) will be awarded by software license according of winner's choice. For this month, we can provide these programs (kindly provided by Mediachance) - Dynamic Photo HDR, PhotoBrush, DCE AutoEnhance, Pure Image NR.
And newly also license of SILKYPIX Developer Studio!
Here's a shot of some of my (stressed) out colleagues after a long day at work. They wanted something amusing for their photo collection and MSN pics :D

Imo, the shot really shows off the GRD2 engine well. Shot using available light through the window against a freshly painted wall. I shot this in RAW but I liked the jpeg so much out of the box that I didn't feel a need to do anything fancy in developing :) Original Pic is at my Flickr page ( ... et-1088529) (Pavel: Re-uploaded with exif thanks for reminding!)

Title - Para Para Paradise (パラパラパラダイス).. not!


  • R0010398.JPG
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I was composing this image when my friend Paul jumped into view. Luckily I pressed the shutter at the right moment :)

So credits for this image go to Paul, thanks mate :D


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Hehe it seems the choice of theme for this month was very good? :D

Rurouni and Skippy, please, edit your posts to meet the rules! (rurouni - missing EXIF, Skippy - linked from other site). Thank you for understanding!
odklizec":38h4uw9c said:
Rurouni and Skippy, please, edit your posts to meet the rules! (rurouni - missing EXIF, Skippy - linked from other site). Thank you for understanding!

Pavel, I have tried to edit my post and upload an attachment however several attemps have failed. The image is the correct size, the site times out after several minutes when uploading ... :?
Jonathan always makes me laugh with him!
GX100, Auto, Soft flash, Resized in PSP, no other post processing


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I took this image in Easter and I was using GX100. It is very difficult to keep two kids in one place :)


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Saw this while walking around a sidestreet in Beijing. The joke was probably on the guy on the left since he did not look very amused ;).


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How bad was it? Even the stuffed monkeys couldn't watch.

GDR2, F2.4, 1/40, and ISO 100


  • SeeNoEvil.jpg
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Lois thought Clark Kent had had one too many to be answering those rescue calls!


  • lois and clark.jpg
    lois and clark.jpg
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Lower East Side NYC - Goodbye party for John's, a buddy of mines, apartment.
The KAPOOPIE Monster was there for closure...and of course to lick its guests.


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Hi all out there!

Hope it's ok to post a contest pic as my first post?! I've been following the forum for quite a wile now and must say that I'm really glad I found it.

Greetings form Nuremberg,


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