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A new grd2 fans. Just want to say..


New Member
Thanks!! to all the people who have posted in this fantastic forum.

I have been browsing anonymously in this forum for months, reading all the comments about the camera, its capability and limitation, and seeing all the great pictures taken from this sweet camera. It has help me ease the decision between grd2, canon g9 and panasonic lx2. Yeah i end up with Ricoh and loving every moment with it!! :p

I am not a professional photographer. My old cams are a 2 megapixel canon ixus and sanyo hybrid cam c6. Judging from that you can tell I am still learning about serious photography, manual mode, exposure, post-processing, etc.

I love how this little camera can do. But what really amazed me is this camera let me feel like taking more pictures and use it more and more. It unleashed my creativity! It feels good. I am addicted to this all-black-retro-look camera. :p And i never felt like this with all my previous camera. Its always on my left pocket everywhere i go. A possession i truly will keep for long long time!

If you have a minute of yourself, check out my photo collection on

Have a good one!

Hi Ton and welcome here! It's nice to hear this forum helped you with your decision! I like GRDII every single day more and more. It's very intuitive, easy to use, silent and with very good handling.

Just today I read Sean Reid's DP1 review. DP1 is definitely nice and very capable camera! However, the color reproduction is not that great with increased ISO. Sean compared DP1, GRDII and Leica M8. And surprisingly, the GRDII and M8 color reproduction remains more or less the same through all ISO steps. DP1 colors are visibly off starting from ISO400 and the color shift is really awful at ISO800. It's hard to say if it's camera itself or just the Sigma's Photo Pro editor? At the moment, there is no 3rd party RAW converter capable of reading DP1 files (I'm sure, everyone wait for updated dcraw ;) ). However, the DP1 noise performance is excellent, as well as lens performance. But people who like some noise in their photos (like me) don't have to worry about GRDII noise. It's definitely not that bad and it's visibly better than for example G9 noise.