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6 feet above - cemetery, edge of cabbagetown -toronto


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The position of the coloured leaf slowly led my eyes toward the tomb
and I slowly began to feel the quietness of the place looking up at the
trees. Now the one that is six feet above must be just below the leaf I guess?
Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
I suppose the cemetery is located at this cabbagetown. Why do you call
this a cabbagetown? :)
hi forward, was just thinking this leaf was 6 feet above, with thoughts of what might lie 6 feet below.
it was moody to begin with.
"cabbagetown" got it's name from the irish immigrants who came to this neighbourhood of downtown toronto
in the 1840s. apparently they were quite poor and grew cabbages in their front yards. the name caught on, and stayed.
it's a lovely part of town. thanks for your impressions! cheers