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Bad weather in Holland, it even snowed, quite rare this time of the year in Holland.


This is not our garden ;)
Heh nice gypsym family Skippy! ;) I'm not a big fan of this kind of garden "art", but it's definitely nice subject for photography ;)

Nice colors and mysterious mood Chris!

Here is something from me. Well, I only photographed (and ate) these delicious cinnamon & walnut snails baked by my sister.

Taken with GRDII+GT1, f2.4, ISO400.


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Pavel, v. natural colours and excellent focus(f2.4 the secret, no doubt ). If the snails tast as good as they look then maybe you would be willing to potograph recipe and post it, so my wife can give them a try :)
Thanks for nice words Chris! Yes the 2.4 helped a bit + manual focus and of course, a very short distance from the photographed snails. I will ask my sister for a recipe and will try to translate it for your wife. They are very tasteful and almost "gone" now ;)