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1 day in Amsterdam / Hong Kong Visions


New Member
Last thursday I took a day off at work, it was the first day with nice Spring weather and I wanted to visit a photo exhibition in Amsterdam called Hong Kong Visions.

More info on the exhibition

I was born in Amsterdam but don't live there anymore. Yet I really enjoy walking around and acting as a ... tourist :)

So I set off by train to Amsterdam and took my Ricoh and my Nikon F100 with 180mm. Turned out I made 290 images with the Ricoh and 10 with the Nikon. The GRD2 is such a joy to use!

Yesterday I postprocessed the images to a set of 45 images which can be found here

Here are some of the images, all Ricoh of course ;)

1. Muziekgebouw, the photo exhibition was here

2. The very friendly receptionist, after a chat he was quite willing to pose

3. Photo exhibition, imagine having one of these at home!

4. Photo exhibition, photos by famous Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken. Oops, one missing there :shock: ;)

5. Couple behind bars

6. Terrace Muziekgebouw, the weather was very nice

After the exhibition I visited the neighbourhood.

7. Vanishing point, I love them

8. Boat on river IJ with woman who lives on it, Amsterdam/Holland

9. View on river IJ and Java peninsula, Amsterdam/Holland

10. Lloyd Hotel, old meets new, Amsterdam/Holland

In the evening I watched a film (No country for old men, by the Coen brothers, impressive!) with two friends.

11. At the cinema, circles

12. At the cinema, I just cant resist images like these ...

What surprises me, again, is the pleasure you have with a camera with a fixed focal length. You don't have to worry ;) about zooming so you can and must fully concentrate on the composition and lighting.

For a city trip the GRD seems to be a very good companion. Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed this day in Amsterdam.

Happy shooting,

Luc aka Skippy
Yes, a very nice photo set Skippy! My clear favorite is #7. Great composition and colors. Thanks for sharing!