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yeeharrrrrrrrr Grd


New Member
Hi well finally sold my GR1v,just got back from a local store in the UK called Jessops, and brought home my babyyyy a Grd and i'm stokeddddd...It was their last model so got it for £200!!

Was considering the Grd II, but as this is my first digital and its all new to me felt for £200 the grd was a great deal,maybe update to the Grd 3 when it comes out lol ;)

Congratulations for your new baby! I'm sure you will love it! Don't forget to post some pics after the battery recharges! ;)

GRD is good for start and evaluating the possibilities of GRD system. GRDII is better in almost every aspect you may dislike on GRD (except the JPEG). So the possible upgrade in a future will not disappoint you! I still hope for a fix in JPEG area.
One more question Odk then i wll shut up :oops: ..Is f3264 (8m) the best pic quality/size for jpeg? aj
F3264 is the maximum JPEG quality for 4:3 aspect ratio at maximum GRD resolution. There is also a F3:2, which is the maximum JPEG quality for 3:2.
No problem with your questions! ;) This forum is here for discussions like this.

The best possible quality can be obtained from RAW. However, the GRD F (fine) JPEG is quite acceptable and comparable with RAW up to ISO400 (due to very small JPEG noise reduction). For ISO 800-1600 I would suggest you to use RAW. Although there is no direct option to use RAW for ISO1600, you can achieve it by underexposing ISO800 to -1EV.

JPEG above ISO400 suffers from higher noise reduction, so it's better to use RAW for these high sensitivities and remove the coarse noise during RAW processing. Simply, none in-camera noise reduction can replace the noise reduction done with dedicated PC/MAC SW.

And as for the file sizes, 3264 RAW is around 11.5MB, F3264 JPEG is around 2.6MB (depends on amount of colors), N3264 is about 1.5MB, etc... You can find all these sizes mentioned in GRD help.

I lied one more question :roll: I set up the file for update,and follow the instructions,it writes it & says updated, but when i check the screen in film mode,it still saying the older firmware..When i update i had it in p then tried it with the camera icon mode is either correct for updating ? aj