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Winter trees

The second one looks very over-sharpened, but maybe that's intentional. It has a special look to it that makes me think about painted china. I like it. I makes me want to put on a warm sweater and drink hot chocolate.

About the first one, what do you think about a tighter crop? I tried a variation where I made the ground much thinner, and cropped the sky just a few pixels above the tree top. I hope you don't mind I upload it here for illustration. To me this variation looks more interesting, because I think it divides the negative space up better, enhances the diagonal, and also the ground becomes less of a negative space and more part of the foreground. What do you (and others) think?


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    Ricoh 1st Dec 07 016.jpg
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Hi Tommy,

In the second shot I tried to make it "grainy", I thought it added to the overall effect of a cold winter day.

I like your idea for the first shot, it looks more balanced than the original, many thanks for the suggestion.

Best wishes,

I prefer the original uncropped version, the wispy clouds coming in from the top are important to the composition, it feels like the tree is reaching up towards them. Overall the clouds shapes and sky tones are of equal importance to the tree silhouettes. Moreover, the shape of the picture is more pleasing in the uncropped version. Just because the foreground is completely black is not a reason to crop it out, it serves to balance the composition (being equal in size to the portion of sky above the tree) and improves the aspect ratio.

The heavy sharpening of both images is a bold move, I am ambivalent as to whether it improves the pictures or not. Applying 67% blur with Irfanview takes away the graphic halo effect from the silhouette yet I feel the picture looks no worse because it is so graphic to begin with. The other picture however does lose its bite if the sharpening is reduced since it has a lot of fine detail. In this case I like the processed look of the water, it almost looks solarised.
A few more winter trees, can't wait for Spring!


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    Ricoh 16 th Feb 08 011.jpg
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    Ricoh 16 th Feb 08 014.jpg
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    Ricoh 16 th Feb 08 015.jpg
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I really like the last one! Very spooky! I can't wait for Spring either. I'm really bored by all this cold, wind weather with very little but more often no snow.

BTW, how could I miss the electric pole photo? It's really great!