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[WTT] who wants to trade for an anniversary GRD?

Wanted to trade
I am a long time GR1s film user who just got a GDR off ebay. ($325!) It was a great deal perhaps because not too many people are keen on the color, but I am sure there are those here who want one after buying their black GRD. So I am offering a straight swap. I haven't seen the camera yet, but it looks barely used from the ebay ad. I will post more pics once I get the camera.

I was sooo close to sniping that auction. I'd been watching it from the beginning, before it was shut-down and re-listed. Just couldn't pull the trigger. I'd like to think the only reason you got it was because... I still was uncertain about a GRD or GX100, like many others who've come before me. :) But seriously it's a nice camera. Although popular opinion has most everyone hating that color... and who doesn't prefer a black camera? :) I like it, though I confess to preferring the stealth look.

I don't have a GRD to trade you, but I do have a similar condition (excellent - like new) R7 in black, with a Ricoh Black Leather case, two batteries, charger, cables, software, manual etc., including the original box. I'd be willing to trade plus add cash to make it worth your while, but only if you include the Leica case also. :)

I'm guessing there's a slim to none chance you'll be interested in this deal but if so... you can view my FB on eBay; username is blufront - wish I had some nice pens to trade but sorry... how about a few collectable Mercury Living Presence recordings? ...