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what printer do you use?

I use an Epson R360

I can say that I am very happy with it.
But the cardreader is useless because you have to switch the printer on to use it and then it does some cleaning I think and wastes ink.
The R285 should be as good but cheaper (no disply and no cardreader but the same prining technology)
I use an Epson 1290 with a continuous ink supply system. I also invested in a calibration system which means perfect prints across many papers.

Hello and welcome here MM! Thanks for your input! This Epson looks good. Many people recommend Epson printers. I'm thinking about purchasing R2400. It's really not cheap printer ;) But I read a lot of positive comments about how good B&W printer it is. And because I'm already bored with inconsistent photo lab results, I think I will buy it one day.
True, my favorite lab first did not limit the long side of the prints, so e.g. 10*20cm was possible. Now they started limiting the long side and wide prints have white borders on the top and bottom (nowadays every reasonably priced lab does this afaik). Then they started to (over)sharpen the pictures (and the pictures I sent where on the soft side!). Then I switched to home printing...

As far as I read, especially for B&W, there is no alternative to the Epson Ultrachrome Printers if money is not so important.
But the prints from my Claria-based printer also have a very good resolution and color (I'd say better than a cheap lab). I don't know how long the prints will last if they are hanging on the wall.
The light has to pass first the window and then the glass of the frame so UV-light shouldnt be a problem I think... I'll report when the first prints start to fade ;-)
I just returned from lab with 4 large prints and I'm totally disappointed. They not only messed the sizes but also the colors and brightness is nowhere near the source files. And I'm sure, it's not because my monitor is uncalibrated. Too bad. And this was one of two good labs in my town. I'm now quite sure I need the printer ;)
odklizec":1c93mt8h said:
I just returned from lab with 4 large prints and I'm totally disappointed. They not only messed the sizes but also the colors and brightness is nowhere near the source files. And I'm sure, it's not because my monitor is uncalibrated.

Having a calibrated monitor really is your first essential step to being able to produce and reproduce quality and accuracy in your prints. The Spyder 2 is a fast and economical way to achieve this.

Once your monitor is calbrated, using the correct ICC profiles for your printer/paper/ink combination will ensure stunning prints.

Sure Paul, you are completely right. But I already did some "eye" calibration based of printed photos and their digital sources and all seems to be OK. However, the results from labs vary based on their actual settings. One month they produce slightly reddish output while the other month slightly bluish. I'm sure that my own printer would allow me to set both printer and display to produce better and more consistent output? I really hope so..
I love my R2400 , Pavel.

It's incredible....B&W are something special...really!
May I suggest you Velvet Fine Art Paper (Epson, of course) for your best pictures?

When you'll see what can be done by the Epson with this paper you won't believe your eyes....really.

A couple of mounths ago I had a little exhibition here in Rome
Some of the prints were made by this printer and with this kind of paper and many people asked me about that quality.

I'm won't believe your eyes. ;)
I just took a look at that printer on the Epson homepage. Have you noticed there is a light light-black ink cartridge and 3 different blacks all in all *g* And I thought 6 colors where sufficient *gg*
There are 4 different kind of black (one ,however, must be changed if you're printing on matte or glossy paper)
The difference between a "normal" printer and the R2400 reside here.
If you likes B&W this is your printer, no doubt
My printer is an Epson 1290 silver. I'm not satisfied with it. The prints are too dark and the colours too red. Well, there are print colours and there are screen colours and never shall the twain meet.

Other printers I had:
Epson 870. Even darker prints. What is the matter with Epson?

Canon 750. Less reliable than Epson. "Banding". Colours are too saturated.

Epson Picturemate 100. This is a small printer for 10x15 cm photos. Very easy to handle; just connect the Ricoh camera and start printing. The colours are the same as on the camera screen. The quality of the prints is remarkable: almost like prints from a laboratory.

What's next? I haven't tried an HP printer yet. There are HP printers with ink for B/W pictures. Should I buy one?
Lucas , in my experience (I've tried many many printers...), the best B&W printer is the Epson R2400

No doubt about it.

Even better, if you can afford it, go for the new R2880 or, if you print a lot , go for the R3800...this one is a lot cheaper , because the ink is less expensive