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What balloon is that?

It is the DHL Balloon which has been flying for the past 16 months.
According to DHL the Balloon is Flying only in 16 cities worldwide -
Austria, South Korea, Australia, HongKong, United Kingdom, Belgium,
Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Canada, Dubai, Switzerland
Singapore and the United State.

Well it is quite a sight when you are at least 40 storey up in
the sky. The Balloon is located at Beach Road next to the 7th Storey Hotel.


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    Ballon #1.jpg
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The balloon going up slowly into the sky. It was a hot sunny day and shooting backlighting
the camera captured the sun rays which I did not noticed when viewing the screen after
the shot had been taken.


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    Ballon #2.jpg
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I like the second photo very much. Nice colors and excellent use of wide angle! I'm usually not a big fan of postal services, because they are slow, overpriced and slow.. But because we still cannot beam up the items or people, I think I will have to live with current services ;) In fact, the DHL is not that bad.