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viewfinder reading on GR1s


I thought i'd ask here becuase i'm having a bit of trouble either with my eyes (or my camera). Basically, when looking though the viewfinder of the gr1s it's the display is a not really in focus and i'm constantly having to adjust my eye or move my head be able to see if i'm in P mode or even the shutter speed is really painful. I checked out a friends GR1 and it's fine. Whats puzzling is he claims he can see both viewfinders with no problems.

The camera has a great feel aside from that. Cannot comment on the image quality yet as i've only had it for litterally 2 days :)

I've been using a GRD1 for 2 years and a GRD2 for 5 months. I have to say, I cannot get over the feel the camera has and i love the sound the lens makes.

Cheers chaps,

Congratulations for your new toy Tom! Don't forget to post some pics when you fill first roll! As for the viewfinder, you's not new camera. I guess it would require some service adjustments? But Ricoh is still servicing their old film cameras, so adjusting VF should neither be a problem nor expensive.
Have you had a look through his viewfinder? It might be your eyesight has trouble changing it's focusing from near to far.
If this is a problem with the camera I'm not sure how much it would cost to get serviced and if it would be worth it.
I've used a GR1s for a number of years (just got a GRD-2). Personally I rarely look at the readings in the viewfinder as it doesn't give the precise shutter speed.

You should expect and get superb image quality – I've never once thought I wish I had my regular film slr with me – I've always been confident that the GR-1 will give excellent results. It would be the last film camera I'd get rid of – the Leica M6 would go first.

Hope you enjoy using it.
Thanks chaps :)

Will be taking it out for the day and will try to have a roll developed by this evening. Just a quick question : What would the typical work flow be using these cameras? I'm thinking of just getting the film developed by some high street store in a one hour job, then getting either my bro to scan them with his company's scanner, or just purchasing a slide scanner. If i had to purchase a slide scanner, would anyone be able to recommend me one that is hopefully not excessive in price?
Also, if one had to rate the difference in quality between a scanned GR1 pic and a GRD1 or GRD2 pic, which would come out as 'nicer', or technically more accurate. (sorry if this makes no sense :) )

A lot of places will scan negs at the time of processing and put them onto CD fairly cheaply. Typically these are not very hi-res jpegs, but are fine for web use and deciding what frames are worth scanning at full quality.

Decent neg scanners are getting rarer and the good ones (such as Nikon) don't come cheap – but they can give superb results. But scanning negs can be tricky and takes time.
I use a Minolta which is no longer made and VueScan (mac) software. For me I think the GR1 is a better camera than the GRD, but digital is much more convenient.
The cheapest film scanner that does a decent job that I know of is the Plustek 7200. You can read about it here: ... 07plustek/

As mentioned above most labs do put the pictures on a CD for you but the quality is, in my experince too, not so good. The best result for the least amount of money (for a lot of pictures over time) is to scan it yourself. But it's a lot of work!!! I got into digital pretty late, only about a year ago. I always said that I would keep shooting analog and then scan the images, but it never happened. Bought a digital camera and haven't looked back since. Pitty though since I do have some pictures that deserves not to be left in a box stuffed away somewhere.