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View Point

Hi fishric,

Nice image. I like the ghost like appearance of the pier...from the "view point" it's like looking into another world or realm.

Can I suggest a tighter crop & removing the bird. I've attached a quick edit that I did....I hope you don't mind.

Nonetheless...very nice!


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Hello J-man,

Glad you like the photo, I don't mind if you crop it but bird removal is a definite No-No amongst the locals around here. You might as well suggest demolishing the pier or scrapping all those scruffy boats on the stade.
But if you insist, (and don't let this get back to Hastings,) here's a pic you can practice on.
Regards, Richard F.


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I like both pics. I think the first one looks slightly better without the bird, which is unfortunately too small, too flat and too alone to play an active role in this rather static photo. But on the other hand, I don't like much this kind of photo "cleaning" ;)
The second photo is superb! The only small problem is the bench at the left side of the photo. But I don't think it's a serious problem and it can always be cropped out. Anyway, great B&W conversion! Thanks for sharing!
I'm with losing the bird (in the first picture, not the second one *smile*), and I wouldn't think twice about "cleaning" any picture. Sure, it's more sport doing it all "in camera", but I've always preferred a good story before truth (which is very subjective anyway, unless it's restricted to things you can measure or deduce).

I like J-mans cropping from the right and bottom, but I think the cropped picture got too cramped at the top. I think I'd done the opposite, and stretched the sky to get the ocular approx 1/3 from the bottom. Ok, I just did that. What do you thing?


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