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Vienna - View on the "Gürtel"


New Member

unfortunately, pictures are not accessible :

Your client does not have permission to get URL /1.1 from this server.
Ah maybe they link to my "private" picasa gallery...

I'll try to fix it...

Edit: Looks like direct links to the files inside picasa are not allowed, very strange... well I hope the 800px version works...

This is what I figured out:
The link offered by picasa looks like this:
where s800 specifies the size 800px on the side. for the second picture its possible to replace it with s1600 (landscape) but this doesn't work for the first one (portrait) because the original file is too small.

The direct link to the original file inside picasa would be:
but this does only work on my pc (why is beyond me, stupid security *g* I mean anybody can download the full size verion from the gallery anyway...) This "original" version contains also the EXIF whereas the others don't.
No "real hdr", I just played with the raw file a bit (shadows/highlights tool from raw therapee)