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Verdict on my GRD


New Member
I adore this camera, fast to operate, superb controls. Stunningly sharp lens, even with the Gw-1 21mm adapter lens.
So much so that I just gave my Fujifilm F31fd to my best friend for her birthday.
I will try the new firmware tonight, BTW.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the US folks and Happy Thursday to all the rest :)
Nice to see you like it so much Lily! It's especially nice to see the noiseless Fuji has been beaten by "noisy" GRD! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to all US forumers! It would be nice to see some of your holiday photos! ;)
The Fuji is very good for what it is; a high quality JPEG-only point and shoot.
The level of control offered by the 'noisy' GRD has spoiled me tho.
I can set virtually every image parameter.
Like a Razor
hi everyone

I have a question about the GRD

this is about the sound of the focus, not the pixel "noise" , i am just talking about audible noise.

for me it's important to have a silent cam , with a fast shooting and a good quality, that's why i like the ricoh GRD, among other criteria.

but, i am little dissapointed by the sound of the automatic focus. Also, the tool of manual focus, that Lili is talking about in another post, produces an awful sound ! Just opening my GRD make a little annoying sound.

of course, if i simply take a picture in MF , without changing focus, the cam is almost silent, and it's great !

is it only on my GRD ? or what

thanks for your answer , and it does not mean i want to sell my grd !
Hi Cornut and welcome here! I'm afraid, the bad news is that the GRD is a very noisy camera. The good news is that there is a significant improvement in level of audible noise in GRDII. I know this is probably not a solution for you. But I thought you would like to know about this "audible" improvement in GRDII ;)