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theatre actors


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penguin cafe, manila


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sorry but am still lost, i use lPhoto and just click a max of 3 buttons... hope one day we can speak in the same terms/language... thanks for the effort to reply :)
Hi again :)

It seems that what I took for NR (especially thier faces) could be motion blur.
In the Monochrome edition their faces looked a bit smeared, that I mistook for NR, but the bottles on the table look OK, sorry mate.

Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?

hi martin- i shoot in JPG simply because i haven't had time to learn the programs that can process ricoh RAW files (unlike with my canon dslr wherein i ALWAYS shoot in RAW) and at this point in time i only know how to use iPhoto... youre right, might've been motion blur since i only shoot on ASA 100 with the caplio, cheers