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Temperature thingie


New Member
Took about 100 photos in 90 min ( approx ) all in RAW, with four/five downloads to PC. Camera then jammed with AF auxiliary light hard on - could only turn off camera & release aux. light by removing battery. Battery v. hot. Replaced battery and all seems O.K. Checked cam. " error code " and found the following:


Tried to contact Ricoh for meaning of " error codes " without success. Perhaps someone in the big wide " Richoh World " knows, or has the influence to get hold of a GX100 camera error code explanation list. Can only assume that GX100 has temp. detection circuitry that then responds accordingly. Perhaps not. Perhaps some IC just says, " hey bru, this ain't going to work" - and cam. jams. Who knows!!!. But cetainly this GX100 will have been extensively " bench tested " prior to production. Heat disipation will be a problem in small cam. like this and of course ambient temp. in sub-tropic climates is higher than Northern countries. Current advertized max. temp for SDHC cards 85C - only a thin piece of plastic between Mem. card and v. hot battery. Imagine having 32gb ( now available- I think ) card knocked out by excessive heat. So perhaps greater transparency from Ricoh required. Don't think this would detract from sale as these are specialised cameras being bought by keen photo people wanting something special. Not so!!