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Tele converter for GX 100


New Member
The DW6 wide converter works very well so I think it would be nice to have a tele converter.

Is anybody using one? I wonder if the Kenko LD 20T would work without vignetting and I'm not desperately keen to buy one to find out that it does...

Well, I'm going to find out because I found a Kenko LD-20T cheaply on eBay. I'll let youall know if it works.
The Kenko LD-20T works fine with the GX 100. All that was required was a step ring from 43mm to 52mm. It's not very heavy but well made and optically good as you would expect. Like most add-on TCs there's bad vignetting when the main lens is zoomed to wider angles. In 3:2 aspect there's no vignetting at 50mm (and slight at 4:3 aspect). It is not a true 2x, more like 1.85x so the usable range is about 92-133mm which is very useful. The TC itself is 43mm long and there is a deep 70mm filter ring.

I paid GB £29 for the teleconverter in mint condition so it's good value but I think the new price is more than double that.