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Synchro Monitor off


New Member
Hi everyone,

I've just bought a GRD2 with the viewfinder 2, and i remember reading somewhere about being able to have the shooting info displayed without the picture being displayed (synchro monitor off) when the viewfinder is attached.

How do I turn this option on?!!! I can't find any reference to it in the manual.

Hi chrisb and welcome here!

If you mean that you want to turn the LCD ON but show only the status information (black screen with status text), then I'm afraid, that's not possible. The Synchro Monitor mode shows the status info (without the picture) only if you going to change the shooting parameters.

Go to the menu and set the Info Disp to ON. Now if you turn the LCD OFF and push for example zoom button (with assigned exposure comp.), front wheel or back lever, the LCD turns ON and shows the actual status information.

Hope this helps?
Thanks for the welcome (I've been lurking for a couple of weeks whilst I've been looking for a digital replacement for my olympus XA).

It looks like it was my mis-understanding of what synchro monitor off meant, however what you describe below is still useful - thanks. :?

Would anyone else find it useful to be able to display all the status info (histogram, shutter, aperature etc..) with the image turned off? Could you add it to the firmware poll?

Cheers, :)

Yes, I also thought it will show the status info all the time when the LCD is OFF. However, after using this mode for some time, I found it better. I like the option just to check the status when I need to change something, instead of displaying it all the time.

Unfortunately, I cannot add this request to an already running poll, because this would reset the collected votes. But I can add it to FW wishes.