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switching ON behavior when pointing down


New Member
I noticed something weird with my GRD2. I wonder if you could do the same test.

-with the camera switched OFF point the lens completely downwards to the ground
-switch ON the camera

What happens?

With my camera the lens ejects normally, and I hear the focus mechanism. But the LCD does not go on. After 2 seconds, the lens retracts and ejects for the second time. Now after this second ejection of the lens everything seems OK again and the LCD switches on. I can endlessly repeat this action.

When I keep the camera horizontal or even when it is tilted 60º degrees down, this does not happen.

Although I have no explanation for this behavior, I do do not think it is a defect but I want to know for sure.
I just reproduced your steps but did not experience anything unusual? The camera turns ON and it's ready for taking shots. In what camera mode you experiencing this problem? Does the camera produce normal sharp photos if pointed down?
Hi Pavel,

It seems you raised the right question.

It happens in A mode and M mode with aperture set to F2.4.

I did some more tests and quickly found out that it ONLY happens when the aperture is set to F2.4, either in A or M.
So ONLY with this setting, the lens comes out twice before the camera is ready.

When I set aperture to F2.8 or smaller, no problems...

Very strange I must say. I wonder if your camera performs the same when F2.4 is set...
Hi ardexx, I checked my GRD2 as your steps. No behavior like yours even set at F2.4. But I had experienced a similar problem (please see the thread ... 79f9aa83de). I think your camera might be defective. I would take a movie clip to record the turning on behavior and contact Ricoh Technical/Service, Ricoh Americas Corporation, PMMC/TSC/NSC, 480-763-0116, 480-763-0119 (fax) if you are in United States. They may confirm if your camera is defective.