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If one lives in the DFW Metroplex, one almost has to do a lot of driving.
How much of our lives are spent in cars?
A large proportion it seems.
Stuck in a metal cage trapped inside a larger concrete one.

We can stop doing instead of putting ourselves on auto pilot all the time.
We must know that there is more choice in how we live our lives.

At any moment, we can purposefully choose or create a new method or experience
for ourselves. We can choose to pay attention to the environment, breathe more
deeply into the fresh air, laugh, rest, play, appreciate, do something different
- the possibilities are endless.

This way humanity will be less stressful and the surroundings will be controlled
for future happiness and prosperity for our children.


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Does one has to obey to the calls of the masses or lives by trial and error without
knowing that one is slowly eroding the earth?

Is it time for man to stop these man-made objects if they are made from real
tree trunks?


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