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Something Old and Half Eaten...


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...with rust.
Actually I could not work out what it is/was myself! I know some of you guys are talented at identifying cars and the like, so please get back!
For an identity clue, note that the letters A D are stamped into the tail gate...


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My first thoughts went to Land Rover but could it be a DAF?

Its more truck or ute than car I think.
Nice teaser Andy (and I guess you are back in the GR world). So the front view gives a few clues....4 head lights, indicators in the bumper and an overhead cam straight engine. There is also a 'belt line crease. The rear view shows 4 hooks for a cover and no tail lights eitherside of the tailgate (must be below it). So I think 1970s and probably Japanese. I'm going for a MAZDA B1800.

The AD could be made to fit??



  • 1975-Mazda-B1800-pickup-truck-1.jpg
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Wow, Richard, that was quick. The only thing left is for Andy to lift up the rear tail gate to see what the rest of the letters are.
Well done Richard! You never fail to impress...and even without lifting the tail-gate I am sure it will say MAZDA...the hinges were solid with rust and I was in a rush so...
In your pics it looks nicely retro but doubt this one has anything worth salvaging...restortion project mission impossible, I fear...

PS yes, back in the GR with a 2nd hand purchase which I hope won't let me down....
Richard does it again.
I am kind of surprised you had a image in your collection of the said vehicle? :eek:
Well done. :cool: :lol:

A friend of mine has a very similar vehicle.
Impressive job, Richard. Just do not say both cars (or is it one?) are yours... :)

Thanks guys but once I'd worked out from the clues that it was probably Japanese and 1970s, finding some photos wasn't difficult. The B1800 was a very popular light pick-up and was even marketed in the USA as a Ford. It had a long production run which changed a lot of the details so the only trick really was to find photos of the right period. So no secrets now!