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Some GR1s Color Shots 2/2

luis patricio

New Member
GR1s | Film Fuji S100 (Negative) | Scanner Epson Perfection 3200 Photo


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Nice shots Luis! I like the grainess and overall look so typical for film. Do you still use GR1s or these are just some old shots?
Some are recent other old ones, lately I have not given much use to it. (I'm shoting more in 120mm 6x6)
But loaded with HP5 its my "pParty" camera and in trips a "backup" loaded with fuji s135 or velvia 100f.
If you acquire one you do not repent yourself, it's a fantastic camera with a perfect wide lens! ;)
I'm sure it's great camera! I saw many GR1 photos and they are exactly what I'm looking for. Although I don't think I would use it on every day basis, I'm sure, it would be always with me on a longer trips, loaded with TriX 400 ;) Unfortunately, I've just lost an auction for gr1v :( Maybe next time?