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[SOLVED] Something in the sky

Re: Something in the sky


My suggestion is the rear of an aeroplane, model or real...

Re: Something in the sky

My guess is large bird...let's say Heron? Or maybe Stork, but Stork has slightly different end of wings?
Re: Something in the sky

I think it is an alien craft sent to earth to see if they should land and help us out as we are in need of some guidance to correct our destructive, self harming, planet destroying ways!.....Errrrrr, actully like aguila_se, i think it is a plane of some description, possably a model one.....i've seen them in your previous posts Forward. but it would be nice if it was some friendly beings from another planet....don't you think?
Re: Something in the sky

I have the same thoughts as Mark, wishing that this is an alien craft coming here to guide us how not to
be destructive including how not to be afraid of them. Most important showing us the whole story and concept of
cunning deception which is often the norm of most human beings.

Aguila was as quick as lighting giving the right answer in less than 15 minutes after the image was posted.
Well congratulations to both of you (Mark & Aguila). Will post the real aircraft in my next post as I know you
will all be anxious wanting to know the answer.
Re: Something in the sky

It is the tail end of the aircraft just flying above me. Caught it earlier but that was what I got
with the last shot before it went out of my view.


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