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[SOLVED] Look at things differently


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Whether the things can break or just showing a slow splash, design elements can be distinguished
if you care to look at it harder and deeper. Now what do you think the liquid is?


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Re: Look at things differently

I think it's soya sauce? Or maybe tea/coffee? But it would be too obvious so I think it's some kind of sauce?
Re: Look at things differently

My first spontaneous impression was that it's caramel (melted sugar), so that'll be my guess.
Re: Look at things differently

I would like to thank everyone participating in this. The image is staring at you and seems to be wanting
to say something. Well, it is up to your imagination and thoughts. I was having a cup of coffee and
accidently split on the table. I took up my camera and framed the way I want it without touching
the glass or anything.

The reflection from the sky makes the coffee looks like oil or somehting similiar.
Pavel got the answer right first. Congratulations!