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[SOLVED] Lady looking and doing what?


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With a smile but hidden by her headdress, the lady seems to bear the agony without remorse.
What is she standing there for?


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Re: Lady looking and doing what?

Hmm, that's a tough one...
I'd say she is fishing, the rod is cropped from the picture but the bait is in the plastic bag. Her agony comes from that a cormorant or a pelican has AGAIN stolen the bait for her. The smile without remorse comes from her watching the poor bird struggling to get rid of the huge hook in the beak ;)

Re: Lady looking and doing what?

Mark, Pavel and others what will be in your mind after Aguila_se gave some hints before I
let the cat out of the bag. :D
Re: Lady looking and doing what?

Hmm, cat - Singapura breed maybe..? Ok forward, Singapore is not exactly China but far east, and therefore she has a tame cormorant fishing for her and the fish in the plastic bag is not the bait but the capture :D

BTW, I collected my GRDII today in the shop. Looks very neat :geek: Here in the far north we only have a couple of hours daylight this time of year so I have not really had time to try it. Only took a few lame test shots and I will spare you them. Everything seem to work just fine. I hope I can manage to get a few shots tomorrow at work... The not yet tame machine has a great feeling to it, seem fast and snappy! That's all I can say for now.

Re: Lady looking and doing what?

Aguila_se your superior imagination stunned me. Now I am waiting for your teasing with your
first couple of images from your new machine (GRD II). I am ready to see the displace from your
triggering on the shutter button.

Now coming to the more serious note, you got it almost dead on the spot, just look closer at the
enlarged image. The colour image will give you a better idea of what is actually inside.


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Re: Lady looking and doing what?

Whoa!! Nice, Thank's forward, I'm glad to hear that. I wish I had fantasy also when it comes to magical photo moments... Working on it.
I will spend the Xmas contemplating shape versus contents when it comes to photo :) Well, not only... With three kids you are soon brought back to reality.

Cheers all!