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Smaller Digilux2/LC1 replacement


New Member
Hi all
I am looking to replace my LC1 with a smaller camera and the GX100 seems to fit the bill (until I win the lotto and buy an M8..). My requirements would be;
(1) zoom lens thats reasonably quick
(2) good iso range with reasonable noise (ie something less than iso 100 high quality/low noise, 100-400 and some range above give or take noise restrictions)
(3) some kind of prefocus or very fast preset/zone focus (on the LC1 I can setup before I switch on) and the snap focus sounds like it would do the trick on the GX
(4) manual controls that are not buried in the menus (the LC1 I only occasionally need to touch the 4 way user customizable switches, the rest was where it should be) and the dials on the GX with the My1-2 settings sound like they could be useful here
(5) OVF or a good EVF, as I hate holding at arms length (and am too used to planting the camera on my nose for taking a shot unless I am laying on the ground photographing some interesting plants)

Does anyone know how the sensor in the GX100 fairs compared to the older DL2/LC1 2/3s sensor in terms of noise or dynamic range (I am used to lowish noise at 100 even in JPEGs, and shooting raw above 200 just to manage it better). Also if you do fit an OVF to the GX can you completely switch off the LCD and does it make a big difference to battery life. Does the EVF use less power than the LCD? (or does its backlight still use too much power).

All comments welcome.

I have a DL2 and am very satisfied by the GX100 under several aspects. Controls are fast and the camera is very responsive. I feel no gap to the DL2. Image quality is ... better respecting the fact that there are 10 to 5 Mio Pixels. I think the optics are far behind but I like the wide angle very much.
I was very disappointed by the EVF compared to the DL2. I am looking for a OVF now. I did not compare IQ so far directly. There are still situations when I prefer the DL2. Museums, concerts, every situation when discreteness is needed...

Anyway I would be nice to have a screen mode where only information is shown not the picture itself.