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slow shutter speed and shake


New Member
hi everyone, i just have to ask...i've been looking at both grd and grd2 pictures here, there and on flickr, checking the exif and noting aperture and shutter speeds used. my question is, i seem to see a lot of pictures with a relatively slow shutter speed (like 1/30second or slower) yet the picture is very sharp. i know there is no image stabilization in these cameras and i'm wondering if i have become to used to having IS in my gx100 and that by having this it is the only way i will be able to have crisp clear pictures without using a tripod. there something else about the grd/grd2 that allows a handheld slower shutter picture without shake ?
now if only i could jump off the fence to grd (shoot almost all jpg, love the look-specially you folk who have shown your grd pics on this site), or the grd2, updated, 1:1, bigger screen (same-ish controls as my gx100 and hoping for NR off like everyone else). sigh, and cheers
The reason why most people get a sharp picture at relatively slow shutter speeds is the great grip you have on the cameras. I can sometimes get sharp pictures at 1/8th or 1/6th.

The GX100 is not so different and used at 24mm or 28mm should provide the same possibilities without IS and should be slightly better with IS.
Another reason is that it's easier to get sharp long shutter shot at 28mm (and even better on 24mm) than for example at 35-38mm or longer focal length! The shorter focal length, the easier to take sharp shot (and vice versa). I'm not scared about using ISO 400 and 1/10-1/15 shutter speed and the shots are usually sharp. Of course, not always ;)
A general rule of thumb for handheld shots is that you should be able to hold the camera steady with the shutter speed matching the focal length of the lens (35mm equivalent). So 1/30 should be quite easily achievable with a 28 or 24mm lens.

gentlemen, thank you for your replies. makes sense to me now when you mention the shorter focal length and slower shutterspeed. i knew that equation for when using zoom or telephoto on my dslr. i should realized it applies in reverse. thanks guys!

so...i await delivery of my grd2, ordered from popflash yesterday, tracking shows it has left sunny california for canada.

vladimir, love your photo site! you have taken some amazing pictures.

cheers to all
Thanks for your comment grux, glad you enjoyed looking through the pictures.

Hope you get your camera soon and post some of the photos.