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Ricoh Warranty


New Member
Does any Ricoh guru know how the Ricoh warranty works out? If I, for example bought a R8 in Germany, or any other EU-country for that matter, would the warranty be `good' in another EU-country, say Denmark?
Prices seems to be cheapest in Germany. As far as I can tell there should be no problems buying the camera in one EU-country, and claiming warranty from another country. This has been my experience with other electronics, and the general EU-laws (as I have interpenetrates them). . .

Does anybody know?

Hi Rasmus and welcome here!

As far as I know, the Ricoh warranty is international. It does not matter if you buy your camera in Germany, Denmark or even Japan. But in case of problems, I would suggest you to avoid the local Ricoh distributors and contact directly Ricoh Germany. The thing is that even if you leave your camera for repair for example in Denmark, they will most probably send it to Germany ;) There are no local repair centers outside the Germany. And because they did not send only one camera for repair (they usually send them in batches), you can save a lot of time waiting for repair and return of your camera, if you send it directly to Germany. You just have to fill the "Repair Request" form before sending anything to them.

The form can be found here: ... language=1

Hope it helps?

OK, one addition.. The R8 user's manual says this about warranty:
This product was manufactured for use in the country in which it was purchased. The warranty is only valid in the country in which the camera was purchased.
Should the product fail or malfunction while you are abroad, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for servicing the product locally or bearing the expenditure incurred therefore.

But from my personal experience with Ricoh service center, they seems don't care from which country you are.
Okay, I will take my chance :)
Naturally, I should have looked in the manual first :) I will do so next time. I am guessing they do not care whenever it is bought within the EU. From my understanding of the law, they have to repair it. They can probably tell you to ship it to the original seller and have them send it in to Ricoh. . .
Smiliemedia has a very tempting offer. . .

Thanks for the welcome btw.
Hi there,
I have a similar problem....I am looking at the popflash and they have GX100 for $457, but wondering if it will be covered with warranty at Europe as well?
Do you know if there is a chance to get GX100 within EU with 2 year warranty? Will be nice to have it...
thanks for help
Hi strawman and welcome here!
As far as I know, the standard warranty for items purchased within the EU is 2 years. I;m sure, Ricoh will service your camera purchased from US. But I'm afraid, you cannot expect the same length of warranty. I would suggest you to ask Ricoh about it.

BTW, don't forget that if you buy the camera from US, you may have to pay some additional fees! All items imported from outside the EU are subject of VAT and duty fees.
I will try to get answer from Ricoh, I hope that will work. Yes you are absolutely right about VAT and duty fees...I'll try to work things out.
just realize that your location is Slovakia???? for real? well, that is amazing!!!! I am in Bratislava...respect!