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Raw without jpeg?

I've asked Ricoh about that possibility several times, but their answer was that this would not speed up the RAW writing speed. I think it's not true, because we know for sure that there IS a writing speed difference between writing RAW + large or small JPEG. So turning the JPEG completely OFF would speed up RAW writing. I'm sure, many people here would gladly sacrifice the immediate RAW preview, which is not RAW preview at all, because it's done from processed JPEG!

BTW, See this post. It's a compilation of GRD/GX100 firmware wishes and this request is one of the most important improvements for both cameras. The only way how we can get it is keep asking Ricoh about it ;)

You can write Ricoh Japan via this form.. ... _e_contact

or this.. ... _e_contact

BTW, there is an expiration time on these forms, so if you spend too much time with writing your request, the sending will fail and you will lost entire your written post! Also, the number of characters is limited too. I'm not sure right now, but I think it's about 300 characters. But it doesn't matter. You can write a short post via this form, they will reply you via email and now you have their email address and you can freely write as much characters as you want! ;)
I have a mixed opinion about "raw without jpeg". On the one hand, it might speed up the writing time, but I think this effect would be negligible. If it takes approx. 10 seconds for the camera to be ready for the next shot, there is no profit or disadvantage from one second more re less.
When the RAW writing speed of a camera is above, let´s say, one second, then the RAW mode is not dedicated for action shots. No matter, what the RAW speed of the GRD would be without saving jpegs, it will never reach an adequate speed for that kind of "fast" photography.

If you don´t want to miss a shot, it´s a wise decision to use only JPEG instead.
Another point where I can understand Ricoh is, that disabling the JPEG file would result in an inability to print directly from the camera. This is already critical with the N640 option, but still possible (I guess). I use the N640 option really seldom, because I like to check, if the picture is sharp or not, after I shot it. In most cases, the small time difference in saving the file doesn´t matter.
Yes Kamil, your point of view is very reasonable. But on the other hand, if this feature would be optionable (an ON/OFF switch), it should not harm anyone? In addition, there already is a small JPEG preview embedded in DNG file, so why not use this embedded image for preview? Sure, it's small, but for composition check, it should be just enough (OK, not for sharpness check). And finally, there are reports that GRD writing time is about 8 secs - 14/15 AF led blinks with certain cards (there is also a 13 blinks report!). So if the JPEG OFF switch would add another 1-2 secs improvement, I think 6-7 secs is much better than initial 10-14secs reported with some "fast" cards?

All in all, I really think this feature should be there, as an option for people who don't care about JPEG-RAW preview.
Thanks for the response to my question. I wasn't concerned with the write times, I knew what I was getting into when I bought this fine little machine. My concern was storage space on the sd card. I know the easy fix is to carry extras, but sometimes I wander off with just whats in the camera. And having the option to turn it on an off is a brilliant idea.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond....... 9fingers